Hotel Français Luxembourg

Places to visit in Luxembourg:

Our location in the pedestrian area at the heart of the city centre means you can discover:

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“Cultural” Luxembourg:

Its theatres (Le Grand théâtre, TNL, théâtre des Capucins, théâtre du Centaure, théâtre des Casemates); Philharmonie concert hall, Cinémathèque cinema museum;

Its art galleries: Casino Forum of Contemporary Art, Mudam Museum of Modern Art.

City of Luxembourg, the “Grund” neighbourhood
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“Historic” Luxembourg:

The Grand Ducal Palace, the Cercle Municipal, the Casemates du Bock, the “Grund” neighbourhood, the cathedral, the Pétrusse valley;

Its museums: Musée d’Histoire (History Museum), Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art (National History and Art Museum), Musée des transports publiques (Public Transport Museum).

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“Business District” Luxembourg:

Its financial centre, its multinational companies, its European institutions.

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“Gourmet” Luxembourg

Its countless restaurants.

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Luxembourg “By Night”:

Its lounge bars, cafés and clubs.