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Discover Luxembourg

Cultural Luxembourg

Its theatres (Le Grand théâtre, TNL, théâtre des Capucins, théâtre du Centaure, théâtre des Casemates); Philharmonie concert hall, Cinémathèque cinema museum;

Its art galleries: Casino Forum of Contemporary Art, Mudam Museum of Modern Art.

Mudam Museum of Modern Art
Plâteau du Rham

Historic Luxembourg

The Grand Ducal Palace, the Cercle Municipal, the Casemates du Bock, the “Grund” neighbourhood, the cathedral, the Pétrusse valley;

Its museums: Musée d’Histoire (History Museum), Musée National d’Histoire et d’Art (National History and Art Museum), Musée des transports publiques (Public Transport Museum).

Business District Luxembourg

Its financial centre, its multinational companies, its European institutions.

Gourmet Luxembourg

Its countless restaurants.

Restaurant Le Café Français
Place d'Armes with the Cercle in the background

Luxembourg By Night

Its lounge bars, cafés and clubs.